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Airport Lights (Mexico City Int'l Airport, June 2015)Sky and Sand (White Sands Nat'l Monument)Hotel (San Antonio)Tree in Snow (Santa Fe Nat'l Forest)Wave and Horizon (Playa del Carmen, Mexico, June 2015)Train 4546 (Chattanooga, TN)Snow Trees (Santa Fe Nat'l Forest)Doorbells (New Orleans)Fire Escape (San Antonio)Couch (National Gallery of Art, Washington DC)Old Doors (Clarksville, Arkansas)Rooftop 1 (Enchanted Circle, New Mexico)Rooftop 2 (Enchanted Circle, New Mexico)River Lights #1 (San Antonio)Door and Cross (Enchanted Circle, New Mexico)Door 1 (New Orleans)Skeletons (Tulum, Mexico)Street Lights #1 (San Antonio)Street Lights #2 (San Antonio)Street Lights #3 (San Antonio)

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